6 Reasons Why You Need The Nemethy Group When Buying New Construction!

The Nemethy Group at Davidson Realty, Inc
Published on March 29, 2019

6 Reasons Why You Need The Nemethy Group When Buying New Construction!

  1. Hiring The Nemethy Group comes at no cost to you! 

Buyers do not pay the real estate agent fee, the builder does. Builders view commissions to Realtors as part of their cost of doing business since they rely on them to bring them potential clients. It is built into their marketing cost. (Here’s a little secret…builders do not credit buyers the commission they would otherwise pay to a Realtor so there is no downside and no cost on your end to have an outside agent represent you.)

2. We will help you find the right home, the right builder, and the right community! 

Your real estate agent is YOUR advocate. They will listen to your wants, needs and educate you on what each community and builder has to offer so you find the perfect fit. They will help you find a reputable builder you can trust and give you perspective on things that may affect future resale as well. A real estate agent representing your interests will help you get the most value for the least amount of your money. A key thing to remember is that a sales agent for a builder works for the BUILDER and their success is measured on getting the best deal for their employer not you!

3. We Will Assist with Negotiations!

A skilled Realtor knows the areas where you will have the most leverage when it comes to negotiating with builders. Builders have a working relationship with Realtors and rely on them to bring them customers. This gives Realtors experience and knowledge as to which areas builders are more likely to negotiate in. For example some builders may cover buyers’ closing costs while others prefer to negotiate on upgrades. In most cases many builders prefer to negotiate on fees and upgrades than on purchase price. An experienced agent will advise you through the negotiations and make certain you are getting the best deal. 

4. We Will Inform you of any builder promotions!

 A Realtor well versed on builders in the new construction communities will be in the know of any builder promotions that can be passed along to you to help negotiate better price and terms.  Since the market is dictated by supply and demand a seasoned agent knows just when a builder is more apt to negotiate on price to close out inventory which is an added benefit for you.

5. We will help you make the right choices for your budget and thoroughly review your contract!

When having a budget it is important to make smart upgrade choices and to be aware of what’s included in the base price of a home versus what would cost extra. Your Realtor can help you with all that and ensure your budget is in line with what you are trying to accomplish.   Your Realtor will also make sure that anything you discuss with a builder including concessions, contingencies, guarantees, upgrades, fees, or timelines are provided in writing and incorporated into the contract before you sign.  

6. We will guide you through the home building process from start to finish!

From selecting your neighborhood, builder, lot, floor plan and upgrades to exploring financing options, conducting inspections and finally getting to closing your Realtor can be with you every step to help manage the timelines and process for a smooth transaction.

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